Black and white icons

Black and white themed icons are mine collection of icons that are made in spare time. These icons are actually all black and are continuation of the icons theme found on this site. Each icon is 36px by 36px in size with a 2px margins around the edges. Below is the view of all the available icons. Down on the page you'll find the download link for all the icons in png format and also a donation button if you would like to support this effort. The icons are free to use and change, they are CC0 licensed. Currently there are 55 icons.
lamp websites graphics home location mail bookmark todo book person projects zoom lense glasses grapch cloud network sound swap replay cog switch confirm deny star heart folder left right disk battery factory car ship aircraft cargo paint pencil cut clone clipboard dinner voice trash calendar phone clock plant tree cup balloon flag camera_overlay printer door gamepad

To download the icons set in a zip package: download

If you would like to donate to the icons development you can do it through paypal: donate