Hello world. Just kidding. Welcome to my personal portfolio site. I am an amateur programmer and graphics designer. This site hosts all the works I've done and those, which I am currently working on. The activities I engage include programming in several languages and 2D and 3D graphics design.

Works on this site are currently free to use. In the future I plan to charge for few things I'm currently working on.

For my workflow I use mainly Open Source and free software. This includes - for programming:

  • IntellijIdea - for java development
  • CodeBlocks and QtCreator - for C++ applications
  • VS Code - for HTML and PHP
  • Notepad++ - for Python

For graphics design:

  • Inkscape - for 2D vector art
  • GIMP - for raster graphics creation
  • Blender - for 3D graphics

I mention this, because I want to give credits to people who contributed their hard work to create priceless tools without which this wouldn't be possible.

I would like also to credit the author of Lemon Milk font, widely used among this site.

And by the way - the LM are my initials without polish letter. Speaking of.. if you want to contact me - have questions or issuess with anything of my work feel free to e-mail me either directly using the following address: horus666matrix@gmail.com.